New Coney Island Pretzel & Bagel Dogs

The BBQ Bacon Dog

We put a new twist on the classic BBQ bacon burger and turned it into a hot dog. It’s a recipe so delicious and easy to make, you’ll wonder where it’s been your whole life. Is it messy? Of course! Is it wildly tasty? Absolutely. Enjoy – and be sure to pack extra napkins.

25 Mins 4-8 servings



Step 1

Cook the bacon. The best way? In the oven – no grease splatters, easier cleanup and bacon that’s evenly cooked.

Preheat oven to 400°F. On a foil-covered sheet pan, bake for 15–20 minutes, depending on your desired crispiness.

Dry on paper towels. Rough-chop or crumble each strip into medium-sized pieces.

Step 2

Cook your hot dogs your favorite way. We suggest pan-fried with butter! See how to cook the perfect hot dog.

Step 3

Assemble your dog! Nestle dog into the bun and generously spoon your tangy BBQ sauce over dog. Top with bacon pieces and a heaping amount of cheese.


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