New Coney Island Pretzel & Bagel Dogs

Salty Chip Crumble Dog

Don’t let those crumbled chips at the bottom of the bag go to waste! Potato chips and our Nathan’s Famous hot dogs get along, well, famously.

15 Mins 8 servings


  • Nathan’s Restaurant Style Hot Dog Buns
  • 1 bag of plain potato chips


Step 1

Eat some potato chips. Crumble some potato chips. Eat some more potato chips. Crumple some more potato chips.

Step 2

Cook your hot dogs your favorite way. We suggest pan-fried with butter! See how to cook the perfect hot dog.

Step 3

Put hot dog in bun. Drizzle crunchy little potato chips pieces all over it. Bite, crunch, wonder why you didn’t think of this sooner.


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